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About Khushil Pandya

Khushil's story


Khushil was a proud, self-confident person who brought joy to those around him. He was and is the personification of perseverance and will be an inspiration to all. Khushil taught us many good lessons, one of which was this: ‘Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain.’


Khushil inspired everyone he met. His bravery, determination and resoluteness continues to inspire people today. He taught us how to live without holding onto resentment or fear. He taught us how to believe in ourselves and how to make the most of our lives. Life is about how you react to challenges. The way you react is what makes you who you are. Khushil believed wholeheartedly that the future is what you make it.

Instead of worrying about what he could not control  Khushil preferred to turn his focus to things that he could create. He had the brain of scientist and the heart of an angel. 

Khushil’s attitude towards life and his way of accepting whatever life threw at him helped myself and Bhavesh get through the most difficult period that we have ever experienced. 

Khushil’s motto  "No matter how you feel, never give up. Get up and show life that you are stronger than you think and that you are a warrior". This can be applicable to each and every one of us. Khushil never let his physical disability hinder his creativity. Even in his darkest moments, he was in control of his own mind, making his own decisions.

Khushil lived on his own terms throughout his life, he never let his physical disability to affect his smile and positivity from his life. His tumour tried very hard to defeat him but did not succeed. Khushil gave his tumour a very tough battle and no surprise Khushil won this battle through his positivity  creativity of finding good in any situation with determination and a with  smile on his face.

Like sandalwood, Khushil left his essence everywhere he went. His familiar fragrance of positivity  has stayed with every single person he knew.

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Khushil's love for animals

His dream was to become a zoologist as well as a scientist. He wanted to do  research with the aim of increasing the longevity of certain species of animals – namely those that were on the verge of extinction. He was very affectionate to animals, compassionately caring for all the types of animals such as bugs and sea creatures. 

Khushil would pretty much read any book that contained information about animals, reptiles or sea creatures. He had detailed information about almost every species' habitat what they ate, how long they lived and how many of them there were in the world. He had an incredible ability to retain all the knowledge that he had gained by reading books. On top of knowledge-based books, he also read many Anthony Horowitz and Steve Backshall's. Possibly his favourite book was written by Dynamo, titled  'Nothing Is Impossible'.

Khushil even at the stage where there is no medicine for his tumour, his suggestion to his UCLH nurse was that any trial medicines should never be tested on animals, there should be a way to test the medicine without harming animals. 


Khushil's love for school

Khushil’s love for his school was phenomenal. It is said that school serves as a child’s second home but for Khushil it was his first home. He loved going to school and studying was his passion. From a very young age he had decided that he wanted to become a zoologist as well as a scientist. Books were one of the most important parts of his life. There was never a day when he wasn’t reading for at least an hour. Whenever we went on holiday Khushil would read book for the entire journey. 

Khushil was dedicated towards his studies and his attendance at school. He showed his dedication towards his school by attaining over 98% attendance at school and achieving highest grades in all subject.At the end of year awards ceremony Khushil received awards for most of subjects. However, the one that we are most proud of was 'The Pupil of the Year Award'. 


Khushil's life's motto

Khushil’s motto "No matter how you feel, never give up. Get up and show life that you are stronger than you think, and that you are a warrior". This can be applied to each and every one of us.